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Me and My Angels

Each one has a story to tell. Read more about me and my angels.

About the Artist

As a young child, Jenelle Hutchings loved to draw.

She is the youngest of 3 daughters. Her sisters are Judith and Johanna, who have always been great supporters of her talent. She was always encouraged by her Mother, Emma, and her Father, Max, who met in Vienna, Austria during World War Two. Her Mother always told her that she could do anything she wanted to do in her life with her talent.

One of her fondest childhood memories was getting a brand new 100-count crayon box each school year from her Mother. Jenelle said, "There is nothing better than the smell of a new box of crayons and that desire to create a one of a kind masterpiece!"

In kindergarten, she also remembers waiting impatiently for art time to use the fat paint brushes, large sheets of paper on easels, and the primary colors of tempera paint in tin cans. All through each passing grade art was always her favorite class. In high school, Jenelle continued her passion by taking 4 years of Commercial Art and 1 year of photography. Her favorite sign on her drafting table was, "Take a starving artist to lunch!"

After school she married and was blessed with two sons. Erik, the eldest, is a Manager of Information Systems for a company in St. Louis. Here he met and married a wonderful girl named Melissa, who has again blessed Jenelle with her first Grandson, Logan. Her youngest son, Chad, is a recent graduate from Truman University and is attending Graduate School to become a CPA.

Jenelle had been painting these whimsical little Angels for 10 years and her collection had grown so large that family and friends encouraged her to do something with them, thus evolved "Forest Angels" greeting cards.

Her lifetime school friend, Lacey Brannon, became a published author and contributed some of the poetry and greetings for the inside of her cards.

The two long time friends put their heads together and created a believable story book about a band of Angels sent from Heaven to protect all the little animals of the forest and small children that ventured there. The book is called "Forest Angels" which coincides with Jenelle's cards. This book is in publishing stage and soon to be released and featured on this web site.

Jenelle currently resides in Kirkwood, Missouri, where she has an art studio filled with inspirational Angels of all kinds. In her backyard is a wooded area with a path where she can walk amongst the trees, get inspired, and envision her next new Angel coming to life.

She feels that Angels have walked beside her all of her life and that her artistic talent is a gift from above. Jenelle loves to reflect this talent through her Angels and believes her lifetime dream is finally becoming a reality!