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Me and My Angels

Jenelle Hutching’s line of Forest Angels greeting cards are more than just pretty pictures on a page. Born of a love for creativity and deep, personal meaning, the Angels represent the guardians of lost children and creatures of the forest. Each Angel has a story. These stories are currently being compiled in to a story book for young children, which will soon be available for purchase online.

Meet the Forest Angels

The Leader, the Angel of Hope

The leader of the Forest Angels, the Angel Hope symbolizes the will to make seemingly impossible things come true and the desire to care for all of God’s creatures.

Logan, the Angel of Love

The Angel of Love, Logan’s job is to love and nurture the lost children and animals of the forest so they will feel loved and cared for at all times by God.

Juniper, the Angel of Joy

The Angel of Joy, Juniper will teach others the value of finding and sharing joy in whatever life brings them.

Penelope, the Angel of Peace

The Angel of Peace, Penelope will bring comfort and rest to the frightened and weary ones of the forest.

Lilly Bee, the Angel of Long-Suffering

The Angel of Long-Suffering, Lilly Bee will teach the value of patience to those who find it hard to wait for what they think they need or want.

Ginger, the Angel of Gentleness

The Angel of Gentleness, Ginger will show others the joy of giving and receiving kindness and goodness.

Greenly, the Angel of Goodness

The Angel of Goodness, Greenly will teach that good is always better than bad, and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Fernia, the Angel of Faith

The Angel of Faith, Fernia is tasked with helping the children and animals learn to trust and have faith in the One who will never let them down.

Mary Gold, the Angel of Meekness

The Angel of Meekness, Mary Gold will show through example that a mild and gentle spirit is always better than anger and resentment.

Tobias, the Angel of Temperance

The Angel of Temperance, Tobias will not only teach self-restraint in word and deed, but will also be an example of the task as well.